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Side of a Gemelli Boss

As a Gemini I am very in tuned with my different sides I have. Most people think Gemini's are two faced but in reality we wear multiple hats. And we don't just fit in with one crowd. It was important as Black Female Designer that if I was going to do this I need to stay true to who I am as person. Don't just design clothing that is trendy but design clothing that makes you feel good when you wear it. My pieces reflect my personlities.

My first personality is my Sophisticated Boss Lady side. When I am her I trend to dress very conservative, classy, but very loud in my colors and prints I choose to wear. This side of my clothing line you can wear to a Business Meeting, Special event, Date Night, Brunches, etc.

My second personality is my sporty/Casual side. Which I must say as I get older I am more comfortable with this side for my regular day to day life. When I am her I like to wear sneakers and a matching set. Something super easy that I don't have to think about. I can just throw it on and its like I tried without really having to. Both side are very bold and flashy because I was born a Drag Queen at heart lol. This Luxury clothing line was designed for the person not afraid of sharing their personlities through their clothing. Many people tell me all the time when I walk into a room I command action without having to speak at all and I must say that because of my clothing. Weather it be Classy or sporty I feel confident in and I want everyone wearing my clothes to feel the same way.

So if I wanted my customers to feel confident I need to make sure that the quality in the clothing was top notch. Luxury Affordable fashion that won't break the bank but will also last for years to come. So join this Gemelli Moment and tell me what are your personilties?

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